Installation process

The installation took place on June 1st and lasted between 9am to almost 4pm. All of us were exhausted, but happy. The prints arrived safely and in full set. We were also very happy with the quality of the prints and the way they were produced – bigger pieces, but it meant smaller amount and less screws on them. The Metro people did such a good job with the installation! Great people with amazing sense of humor!

Overall it was both scary and relieving to see them go up there and be open to the public and somewhat vulnerable. We hope you’ll take good care of them!

See you today at the opening – 17.00, Politikens Boghal


The wall is ready

It’s only five days until the official opening of the exhibition. We are super excited about it and we hope to see many of you this upcoming Friday, June 3rd at 17.00 at the Politiken Boghal.

The wall is ready for us. The question is – are we ready for the wall? We will see that on Wednesday. In case you’re as curious as we are – join us on June 1st for the day, when the installation will go up this wall!