Template Taste

Lisa is from Germany. She wonders at the homogeneity of taste and style throughout the Danish society. From the working class to the upper class, Danish woman seem to be following the same taste instinct.  She evokes some kind of Good-Taste Rule, everybody would follow. This is why the mask for her initiation is a template to draw a standardized face.


In Germany, women are maybe more tempted by trying things out, they experiment with style. One day my mom wants to try the minimalistic Scandinavian style, but the next day, she’d like to look like Beyoncé. It’s confusing. On the contrary, Danish ladies will never make a fashion faux-pas. No strange hair colour. They religiously follow the Good Taste Codex from childhood to death, and will therefore always look good. But on the other hand, it seems to be a taboo to break this tacit law. I guess that what the Danes gain in equality, they loose in freedom. But it damn looks good.

Lisa, Germany


The typical young Danish woman is wearing white sneakers, monochrome clothes and long blond hair and at some point, she becomes this sophisticated older lady with short gray hair, colored glasses and running shoes.