Indvielsen part of Rovinj Photodays 2018

Exciting news came in March 2018 – the project was invited by Lavoslava Benčić to be part of the exhibition “Women Photographers Abroad”, hosted by Center of Visual Arts Batana during the Rovinj Photodays, a photography festival in Croatia.

Anna Sircova was invited to attend exhibition inauguration and give an artist talk on May 4th, 2018.


Byens Hegn

“Indvielsen | den danske stamme” is to be shown on Byens Hegn on Rådhuspladsen.

Indeed, as some kind of gigantic trailer, the first four portraits of “Indvielsen” are to be shown in an over-sized version on the 4 meters high wall surrounding the Copenhagen Metro construction on the City Hall Square from June 3rd!


visu metroudstillingpreparatory sketch for the exhibition

Looking for participants

We are continuing to work on the project and we are looking for a few more people to become part of it! The first part of the project you can find here.

We are looking for women from the following countries and based in Copenhagen to join us in this quest:

Germany or Norway or Sweden
Turkey or Iran
Afghanistan or Pakistan or Syria

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested — please drop an email to Laureline: laurelinedemonet [at]

We are looking forward to hearing your story!

Project updates

Today we finally got around to work on the images. It is not that easy to figure out all the details, since it is rather special. The planned installation will take over one whole stretch of the construction wall around the future Metro station nearby the City Hall in Copenhagen. It’s dimensions are 4 meters high and 50 meters long. It is by far the largest project that I have done previously. We are happy that Andrea Landi is helping us out with this task. And we are looking forward to seeing the result.

Indvielsen in preparation
Indvielsen in preparation