Lauréline Démonet (born 1986, France) is behind the project’s concept, the design of the masks and their production. She’s a costume designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who usually works for theatre. Educated in textile and costume design in Paris and Lyon, France, she has produced several pieces of textile & artwork, which were part of installations and exhibition both in France and Denmark. She has designed costumes for several musical, theatre pieces, opera and ballet, lately for the Royal Danish Theatre.

Anna Sircova (born 1980, Latvia) is the project’s photographer. She’s also an independent researcher based in Copenhagen. Educated as a psychologist, she is passionate about the concept of time. She teaches a course on cross-cultural psychology. In her photography work she explores the sense of time and space, emotions of loss and search for identity. Since 2011 she has exhibited her work in Denmark, Sweden and Latvia and was published in Russia and Denmark.