Initiation | the Danish tribe

Women from different countries compare their own sartorial customs with Danish women’s fashion style, offering us an insight in their own stereotypes about Danish women and “danishness”. The main issues revolve around shoes and make-up, but also about femininity and equality. The Danes are depicted as a tribe with special rituals and codes, that newcomers have to learn and follow.

Masks were created by costume designer Lauréline Démonet to reflect each woman’s vision of “danishness”. We often associate the use of masks to exotic foreign tribes, but in this art project the masks are an initiation into the Danish tribe. Each participant was photographed by Anna Sircova, wearing her own “Danish mask”.

These oversized portraits, accompanied by a narrative, are to be seen on the Metro’s construction’s wall -City Hall Square from the 3rd of June 2016 until end of December 2016.

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